Overwatch professional tips to Increase your performance

Ranking matches in Overwatch often indicate some tension. Naturally, this is even more important at big tournaments. How to stay cool tells the specialists.

The first season of this Overwatch Contenders ended last weekend. Team Gigantti and EnVyUs promised victory. Throughout the tournament, many teams were always under excellent strain – in the end, a lot depended upon victory.

One among explanations for why the two winners could claim themselves is they are able to better get a handle on themselves as a team. Invenglobal’s colleagues have learned in an interview how the professionals stay comfy regardless of the stress.

We create it!

Tim “Manneten” Bylund out of Team Misfits explains they are focused on the objective. “It’s important to keep in mind your teammates about the plan. Do not overreact, stay calm. Remind all their own tactics. When the staff is wiped out, it’s very important to tell the team, ‘We can perform it !’ ”

Distance yourself and examine

On the other hand, the European winners of Team Gigantti require a second, much more self-critical course. They reflect on the mistakes, look at the situation in the “big picture” and rely on their own experience.

The container of the team, Jonna “Fragi” Laine, places it in special: “When you train and start a routine, you own something. At a high pressure situation, you can collapse back in this system. When we succumb we believe, What is our plan for next time? ‘ We take a step back and let ourselves to evaluate the Circumstance. ”

DPS / Flex player Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin adds that this very step allows one to accommodate to this situation and so gain the victory. Support Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara adds: “We generally don’t have any issue with the nerves. […] A 6-man wipe will not affect people. That’s our mindset. […] I think the most important thing will be to play your * match. ”

Ignore the audience, Depend on the expertise

The American winning team, EnVyUs, is pursuing a plan of indifference. They do not pay attention to the viewer at big tournaments. overwatch boosting site sums it up: “Normally we dismiss the viewer once we play. Give Attention to the screen. After you do this, it constantly feels exactly the same, Wherever you play ”

The team agrees they’ve played that enthusiasm just will not exist. Furthermore, this can be moved into the ranked game: In case enough rounds are played, there is no reason to worry your self. Nearly no chance is unique.

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