Backblaze – Is it a Scam?

home cloud storageBackblaze is well known thanks to its unlimited storage capability, low prices and easy operation.

Backblaze offers been offering retail backups since 2007 and happens to be considered one of the most popular online backup solutions. We share the opinion that Backblaze is currently the best option for on the web home-based backups, as you can plainly see inside our summary of the best on-line backup solutions.

There are three significant reasons for this: Backblaze provides unlimited back-up for your computer and external drives, raises the bar on online backups with regards to usability, and is normally cheaper than any various other service.

In backblaze , we’ll look at these benefits in greater detail, including the speed, security of file transfer, and customer service.

If you’ve already decided to give the service a try, head to Backblaze for the free 15-day tria

The effectiveness of Backblaze is based on the ease of use, which is due to the fact that it’s an unlimited backup service designed to conveniently back up data files. Only an extremely small user administration is necessary.

Weaknesses include the lack of mobile backup and the actual fact that earlier versions of files are not kept indefinitely. Plus, you’re limited to one pc, although that’s not unexpected for an unlimited back-up service.

Additionally, there are some worries about Backblaze’s encryption strategy, which is personal only when you back it up. Even more in our section “Safety”.

All service details

Backblaze offers a good online back-up assistance while keeping the procedure as easy as possible.

As a way to minimize the quantity of function that users have to do to safeguard their computers, it should come as no real surprise that backblaze isn’t as abundant with features as online backup providers like IDrive, CloudBerry, or SpiderOak, which take more technical approaches to disaster recovery.

For instance, Backblaze will not offer synchronization features such as for example IDrive or SpiderOak. In addition, the planning options are much scarcer than with IDrive. We’ll talk a bit more about this last point whenever we talk about the backup procedure below.

All in all, Backblaze provides some quite nice benefits. Included in these are swiftness throttling, multiple backup threads, external hard disk drive backup, smartphone access, and file posting.

Backblaze also backs up previous versions of data files, but only for up to 30 days. There is absolutely no way to increase the versioning policy, which really is a shame as Backblaze is an unlimited backup service. This limits the advantage of backblaze in avoiding ransomware, which is certainly a significant aspect.

Backblaze also offers some good protection features, which we will explain in more detail below. Included in these are semi-private encryption and two-factor authentication .

Backblaze maintains its prices structure as basic as its service. There is one home computer protection plan that provides you unlimited backup for a gadget. The price is $ 5 a month, making it one of the cheapest backup providers available, and among the best.

In case you have nothing at all against a long-term subscription, you may also get 8 weeks of free registration for one year in advance and five weeks for free registration for two years.

When you have chose that Backblaze is the greatest vault for your computer data, you may also take advantage of annual or biannual special discounts.

Initial backups may take days or actually weeks, therefore changing backups often causes more problems than it’s worth, especially if you have good support like Backblaze. Because of this, most backup solutions do not provide a month-to-month option.

Given that CrashPlan has closed its doors to residential clients, Carbonite is the next competitor to Backblaze, which also offers unlimited back-up for a single device. However, the closest analog membership Carbonite must Backblaze can be its Plus plan, which costs $ 99.99 a year.

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